Alibis for Returning to Work Late

When returning to work late, it is important to have an alibi. A solid alibi will convince your bosses and co-workers that you had a legitimate reason for missing work. While you want a solid alibi, you should also be careful not to go overboard. You need something that is both believable, but not too serious. You should also use an alibi that works well for your situation. Here are four alibis for returning to work late.

If you have a kid, claim that your kid is sick, and you were spending time with him or her. Very few people are going to ask questions about this for fear of coming off as insensitive. Make sure to use a generic sickness, such as a bad headache or stomach pains. This will avoid further questions and let you move on with your day.

If you claim you lost something pertinent to your day, you will get away with your lie. Tell them you could not find your car keys or your shoes. It will be impossible for your boss to reprimand you. Though, you should be careful and not use this excuse often; otherwise you may come off as incompetent.

A power outage is a great excuse to use. Tell your boss that the power went out very briefly in your neighborhood. Claim that the alarm clock never went off because of this and that you woke up late. Do not make a huge story about it, claim ignorance as to why there was a power outage.

You could also use a generic illness as an excuse for being late. Tell them that you had diarrhea or serious stomach pains. For most people, this will be way too much information and cause them to drop the issue. There are a wide range of sicknesses to use, just make sure to use one that is temporary and does not require you to miss a lot of work. In other words, when making up an illness, make it a quick and temporary one.

When using an alibi, do not go overboard. Remember, if you are usually an honest person, there is no reason that your boss will not believe you. It is also important to not use excuses that make you look incompetent. If you are constantly late because you run out of gas or forget to set your clock, your boss may think that you are not cut out for the job. Also, remember to make an excuse that is not easily verifiable. For example, if you claim you were pulled over, your boss may ask for proof.